TAKATA 5 point seat belt

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1.Eecure and easy to install, simple to use
2.Removable seat belt
3.Standard size&Top quality
4.100% ployester



5 point Simple Top Quality TAKATA Green Racing Seat Belt    


A seat belt ,sometimes called a safety belt,is a safety harness designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or sudden stop.A seat belt reduces the likelihood and severity of injury in a traffic collision by stopping the vehicle occupant from hitting hard against interior collisions of the vehicle or other passengers (the so-called second impact),by keeping occupants positioned correctly for maximum benift from the airbag,if the vehicle is so equipped,and by preventing occupants being ejected from the vehicle

The TAKATA is  with 3" to 2" shoulder belts that are compatible with the device and other head and neck restraints. The lower section of the shoulder belt, including the adjuster, is 3" while the upper section of the shoulder belt, where it passes over the head and neck restraint, is 2" fitting perfectly on the friction surface of your  device. Standard 3" shoulder belts will work with but the 2"/3" belts give you a better fit and allow you to optimize the installation angles behind the seat. There is no difference in the strength of the 2" webbing compared to the 3" webbing.